Meet Liette

A Licensed Professional Here to Guide You

​A psychic reading can be an excellent way to gain some perspective on your own life. You are able to get an overview of a particular situation, set of conditions, or general life patterns. As a professional Psychic Reader, I love being able to help my clients identify what is interfering with their personal lives, their success, and what they can do about it. I have been in the business since 2000, and am so pleased to make such an impact on my clients lives each and every day.

Liette Monic, Modern Day Shaman...

My space is located on the second floor of the Parliament Arts Organization, located at 116 E. King Street in York, PA 17401. Appointments are recommended, as I do not have regular hours. I host a Reiki Share on 1st Sundays from 1-3 for donation only, and specially priced Channeled Tarot Readings are offered from 6-9pm on First Fridays as part of The Parliament's First Friday events.

About me...
From a very young age I've been communicating with spirits and having visions of family and world events that always came to pass. Further in life I came to know the wonderful most powerful psychic Rose Weaver, a true gypsy from Scotland who lived in a covered wagon and traveled the land giving readings with her family to make a living. She taught me how to channel the readings. Ten years later I went on to become a Certified Master Tarot Reader. Through giving readings over the past 25 years I have united the two and found a way to give a spot-on reading. I have also incorporated reading your aura along with connecting with any passed-on loved ones to give and/or receive messages. I am able to answer any question(s) you are struggling with. About your relationship, business, money, health, family or whatever it might be know that the correct information is channeled through.

Tarot is used to see what exactly is going on in your life presently even about those people close to you. I will tell you briefly what happened in your past as well as see into your future to what will happen should you stay on the path you’re currently treading. My readings are spot-on and I'm told profound. My accuracy is 95%. However, with the knowledge you now have from the Tarot Reading you have the ability to change your future by the choices and decisions you make. Nothing is written in stone.

You may receive a 10 minute reading for only $20 any 1st Friday. I am also available for private appointments. 1/2 hr - $65 or 1 hour (FULL Reading) - $120.

Interested in hosting an event? I do TAROT PARTIES!!! If you are looking for entertainment that will certainly astonish and amaze your friends you have found it. Also, if you are doing a theme party - for example, a Halloween Party - I will dress and act the part of a witch or gypsy. You get the idea. Prices vary depending on size and location of party. Maximum party size is 20 people. Minimum is 5 people. Please remember to add tax to these prices.

I am also a Certified Astrologer Level IV and offer Natal, Transit, Relationship and Relocation/Travel charts. This makes a beautiful gift as you may receive any astrology reading in book format. Ask to see a sample. Astrology is used for many reasons. One is that it helps you understand why your life is the way it is. I will point out your strengths and challenges based on the planetary influences you have to deal with and in what areas of life they will/are affect(ing). A Natal chart points out the type of work you would be good at, finances, family, types of relationships you experience, education, along with all areas of life. Transit charts give you a picture of what your year ahead looks like. What influences you must deal with in order to properly handle the year ahead successfully. Relationship charts show in great detail all the strengths/challenges with your interaction with one another. It will also point out ways of dealing with the harder parts of your relationship. The Relocation/Travel chart will indicate what type of experiences you may have should you make the trip. Again indicating the planetary influences and in what areas of your life they will affect and in what ways. These charts consist on average of 15-20+ pages.
$50 + Tax for any chart of your choice!
As a Certified Reiki Master / Teacher I offer Reiki Treatments and Reiki Certifications/classes. Please contact me as prices vary based on class size. I also offer Pet Reiki at your home!!! As a shaman it took me 10 years to come to own such an honor.

Clients began calling me The Modern Day Shaman early on. Over the years I came to realize that they are right as I do what Shamans do and always did. So my specialty is Shamanic treatments which last 1+ hours. A shamanic treatment includes the combination and integration of some, if not all, of the following techniques based on what I find. Done exclusively in Sacred Space, Energy Work (laying on of hands or close to body), Crystals (laid on your body), and Aroma Therapy (different based on what I find) - please let me know in advance if smells bother you, Music and Tones and Deep Meditation. Are you ready to journey to a different time and space for healing?

Thank you and have a most fabulous day!!!