Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Shaman?

The way one became a shaman in ancient times was by first being called a shaman by the people. There are different types of shamans but generally they are healers whom communicate with spirit to help the afflicted. Before accepting this title I was called a shaman by the people at a time when I didn’t understand what that was and took me several years till I understood accepted the title. It simply means that I have natural gifts which I am able to control when working with the invisible world to impart information, visions, healings, and spiritual counseling.

How long does each reading session take?

There are various options and time options. All depends on your time availability. 

Is tarot card reading evil?

This is a huge misconception propagated by religious dogma. It’s easy to call something evil when you don’t understand the mysteries of it. The truth is that tarot gives you information of priority which you need to know for a current question, situation, or upcoming event in your life. It helps you navigate life’s bumps in the road. My Channeled Tarot Readings are fun personally, for any event or private bookings.

How do the Energy Portraits work?

These are channeled from your spirit guides and angels through my spirit team to me as they best know how to communicate with me. I paint what I see and feel from your energy field known as your aura. The flow of the strokes, the colors and shades of that color all carry meaning along with the texture, and the interpretation given hits people in a very unique and deeply touching way. These Energy Reading Portraits are a great keepsake personally or for any event or private venue.